Could China Become A New Hotspot For Medical Tourism

Could China Become A New Hotspot For Medical Tourism

Posted on August 07 2019

Could China Become A New Hotspot For Medical Tourism

Western patients would definitely choose to save their tooth, even if it meant a huge debt. Most westerners are very protective of their teeth but the cost of oral care is very restrictive. Although dental procedures are necessary to maintain healthy teeth and their functionality, many of these procedures are not covered by insurance. This can leave a patient paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. In fact, national dental expenditures reached $111-billion by 2012 according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Although many patients go into a procedure fully aware of their out of pocket costs, other patients examine the bill after they receive it and are shocked by the amount they have to pay.

To give you a better idea about the cost of dental work in the USA, here is a look at some of the most expensive dental procedures in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can endow a person with a complete smile makeover by altering broken, chipped, stained and misaligned teeth. The veneers act like a porcelain shield which covers the front surface of the teeth. Unfortunately, they are usually not covered by dental insurance. A single veneer can cost $1000 to $2000 with the price growing as you add more veneers.

Dental Implants

When a permanent tooth becomes loose or falls out, some patients consider dental implants especially if the tooth is located near the front of the mouth. This dental treatment involves anchoring an abutment, or rod, into the jawbone to support the prosthetic or crown. According to the ADA, the cost of a prefabricated abutment is around $604. In addition, a single implant can cost $2097. These costs are in addition to tooth removal and other associated fees such as bone restoration that might be necessary if bone loss occurred.

Braces - Braces for Teeth

Comprehensive orthodontic treatments such as braces can be rather costly. Many people believe that braces are an unnecessary expense performed for cosmetic purposes only. However, straightening the teeth can have a positive effect on your overall health. Crooked teeth lead to a buildup of plaque which can cause cavities, gum disease, heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, this corrective procedure happens to be one of the few cosmetic treatments which might be partially covered under an insurance plan. Having part of the expenses for braces covered is helpful since the average cost is around $4750. Why pick China when it comes to oral care?

China has been on the path to establishing a quality health care infrastructure for some time. People are tempted by lower costs, quality care, improved patient experience, specialty treatments, and the lure of "the new and different. China can successfully compete with mature markets in the region, as it is strong in TCM treatment and its health care infrastructure is fast improving. The sector flourished with the rise of quality health care, commercial aviation, and the internet. It is now a multi-billion-dollar industry.

However, in China if the cost of dental treatment is exactly the same as the cost of a car, many Chinese patients would buy a car instead of fixing their teeth. Many Chinese people seek care only when a symptom occurs such as periodontitis and gum erosion. Chinese patients might go to the dentist for a painful tooth after suffering with it for a while, and then simply expect to have the bad tooth extracted. Advanced interventions to save a bad tooth, such as root canals and crowns, may be common in the U.S. and other Western countries, but historically are often the privilege of only wealthy people in China. In China, very few dentists and parents recommend patients do teeth cleaning since they considered teeth cleaning would cause damage to teeth itself and gums. What this mains for westerners is much easier access with little to no waiting to get even complicated procedures done in China.

The rates and prices of going for oral care in China.

The rate varies, depending on the hospital/clinic you visit, and the service you use. However, it is generally much lower than in the USA. In some cases it can be covered by health insurance, again, unlike in the USA. So if you have an income of RBM 10000+ (which is the case for most foreigners in China), you should not worry about the rate before going to see a dentist.

It may be best to visit a major dental hospital, instead of a clinic. The reason is that the best Chinese dentists/physicians usually work for hospitals only, and they do not have their own clinics. Furthermore, the hospitals normally have better equipment and clearly list their rates/prices on the walls. In some cases to change just 2 teeth with artificial teeth or root plaining in a hospital in Wuhan China the cost could be over 20,000 yuan for them to use good material that is $2898.21 USD.

There is also traditional Chinese therapy that Westerners may opt to take up during their stay either to treat a particular ailment or simply for wellness. International medical tourism became popular in the mid-20th century with wealthy European and North American patients traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery sprees. Rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has in recent years gained popularity in a world dominated by modern Western medicine. Clinics have proliferated outside of China, but many face challenges such as getting herbs across the border or luring experienced professionals to work overseas. As a result, more foreigners are coming to China for TCM treatment or therapy.

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