Let's Ring In The New Year!!!

Let's Ring In The New Year!!!

Posted on January 01 2020

Fairywill Giving You Something To Smile About In The Year 2020

The New Year Begins In A Snow-Storm Of White Smiles.

Funny How - Time Flies Another Year - Has Come And Gone

So While We're Celebrating - Like This.

We'll Have A Toast - To The Years To Come

Give A Big Cheer, For The New Year!

Celebrating Another Year With Love, Happiness And Cheer

What A Sight, This Midnight Will Be A Delight!

Everybody's Feelin' Warm And Bright

It's Such A Fine And Natural Sight

You Can't Celebrate And Stay Uptight

New Year’s Most Glorious Light Is Sweet Hope.

Brush With The One You Hold Dear, This New Year

Now The New Year Reviving Old Desires,

The Thoughtful Soul To New Inspiration Retires.

It Isn’t Only A New Year; It Is A New Chance For Everyone To Restart.

What The New Year Brings To You Will Depend A Great Deal On What You Bring To The New Year.

Have A Smarter New Year

Brush Smart, Live Better With Fairywill

Happy New Year 2020!

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