The never talked about Health epidemic

The never talked about Health epidemic

Posted on July 23 2019

The state of the world’s teeth isn’t really the sexiest topic, and oral health doesn’t make for front page headlines. Tooth decay is still a massive problem we are fighting against, and that it is affecting some people more than others. Activity is still being prioritized over quality, and treating disease over preventing it in the first place.

Shouldn’t we be looking at a real preventative approach for oral health, backed up by real investment? Failing oral health is more than just inconvenience and pain. It can affect your life chances, your job prospects, and things like oral cancer (which dentists are trained to detect), can actually kill you if it isn’t detected early on.

A safety net does not exist for dental care as it does for medical care. Community health centers, hospitals, and professional schools provide some services. However, all together, the dental safety net only cares for a just a fraction of the over 100 million people who are dentally underserved. Many barriers impede improvements in many people's access to oral health services. The delivery system is based on a private-practice model that works well for those who are healthy, ambulatory, insured, and motivated to seek dental care. To access existing services, some patients may need help with filling out applications, translation services, and transportation. The system of care also needs to become more patient centered, including making services available where the most vulnerable patients are found.

Overall, practicing proper dental care is important in many ways you might not have thought of before. Encourage your family to practice good oral hygiene by brushing after every meal with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily and using a mouth rinse to kill bacteria. You should also visit a dental professional regularly for cleanings and the prevention and treatment of cavities. Doing so can protect more than just your teeth it can save your life! At Fairywill we hope you will take advantage of our affordable products to help maintain your oral health.

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