The Steps That Can Be Taken To Prevent Oral Cancer

The Steps That Can Be Taken To Prevent Oral Cancer

Posted on July 25 2019

The Steps That Can Be Taken To Prevent Oral Cancer

For most of us oral cancer risk is a well-blended mix of behavior and biological factors. With that in mind, some factors are out of your control, such as your family medical history and age. Overall, solid oral healthcare should promote comprehensive health and wellbeing and has the additional benefit of reducing oral cancer risks. Let’s take a look at some things that can be done immediately to help prevent oral cancer.

Visit your dentist. Many dental visits have been literal life-saving events for people with early-stage oral cancer. Schedule your appointment today!

Make an effort (literally) to exercise. Exercise boosts immunity and has been shown to decrease certain cancer risk factors, including oral cancer. Join a gym. Workout at home. Just get moving it is one of the best things you can do to prevent oral cancer.

Dump the processed food. Diet is a driver and preventer of cancer. Research suggests that sugar (sucrose, fructose, simple carbohydrates, etc.) acts as a “fuel” for oral cancer. Opt instead for whole, natural foods you will feel full faster, and also avoid much of the processed junk that passes for “food” today.

Say no to tobacco. If you don’t smoke or use smokeless tobacco products, you’re already on the right path. If you do, brake with the habit immediately. The toxins and carcinogens in tobacco promote oral cancer.

Brush and floss regularly. It’s the most common suggestion you’ll hear from your dentist (and one we fully endorse at Fairywill). Brush and floss your teeth at least twice every day. A clean mouth equates to a more robust immune system – and with it, lowers your cancer risk.

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