Fairywill E11 Electric Toothbrush, 3-Modes, 8 Toothbrush Heads & a Tra

Fairywill E11 Electric Toothbrush, 3-Modes, 8 Toothbrush Heads & a Travel Case



About the Product

  •     【Sonic Toothbrush Electric with Latest Sonic Technology】 Fairywill sonic toothbrush help remove up to 100% more plaque along with enjoying clean and healthy teeth in 7 days and improve gum and oral health in 14 days. Get a thorough cleaning with reduced noise, this is an overall upgrade over other electric toothbrushes.
  •     【3 Modes For Both Adults & Juniors】3 modes (clean, soft, massage) made to suit different oral conditions. Clean mode - is suitable for normal oral conditions, this gives the strongest cleaning, and is great for maintaining healthy oral hygiene. Soft mode - is the softest of the three modes, this is suitable for users with sensitive teeth. Massage mode - in this mode the vibration intensity changes frequently offering gentle stimulation, designed to keep gums firm and healthy.
  •     【Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush With A 2-Minute Smart Timer】One 2-hour charge last more than 20 days, it is great for travelling including business trips. It comes with a USB cable that is compatible with USB port. The 2-minute smart timer includes interval pausing, that gives a reminder to change the brushing location every 30 seconds.
  •     【8 Color Fading Toothbrush Heads That Indicate Replacement Needed】The 8 toothbrush heads offer nearly 2 years of great brushing. The unique 3D shaped bristles help to provide a 3-dimensional cleaning that eliminates bad breath and whitens teeth. The fading reminder bristles Indicates when it is time to replace the brush head (when the blue color bristles fade to white).
  •     【Package Includes】1*Fairywill Electric Toothbrush Handle,8*Fairywill Toothbrush Heads,1*Instruction Manual,1*USB Cable,1*Travel Case

Safety Information:

Not suitable for children under 12 years old.Toddlers, infants and people who are unable to operate should be supervised by a parent or adult


Keep your toothbrush dry before charging.

Legal Disclaimer

About Fairywill E11-Black
Product Features:

3D Shape Bristles and Fading Bristle for Replacement

Non-slip, Waterproof Design

USB Charging

Low-Power Reminder & 2-Minute Smart Timer

3 Modes (Clean, Soft, Massage) to Suit Different oral needs

8 Toothbrush Heads with one Travel Case



1.Place a toothbrush on the teeth just above the gum lines prior to turning the product on to avoid any splashing.

2.Gently move the brush across the teeth, there is no need to exert pressure the brush will do the work. The micro brush movements will offer the highest quality in cleaning performance.

3.When the power supplies running low, there may be significantly less brushing stimulation, this can be rectified by simply recharging the brush.

4.It is recommended by dentist to brush for at least two minutes and replace the toothbrush head after three months of use.

How to change toothbrush head?

To Install:Slide the toothbrush head down toward the handle and make sure it is in the correct position.

To Detach:Firmly hold the base, and then pull the toothbrush head away from the handle.



Working voltage: DC3.7V

Bristles material: DuPont Nylon

Input voltage: DC5.0V

Rated power: 2W

Waterproof  Rating: IPX7


Package Includes:

1*Fairywill Electric Toothbrush Handle

8*Fairywill Toothbrush Heads

1*Instruction Manual

1*USB Cable

1*Premium Travel Case

1*Instruction Manual

1*USB Cable