Electric Travel Size & Powerful Toothbrush for Adults, T9

  • ALL IN ONE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH WITH HANDLE/COVER. A protective handle/cover allows you to take your Fairywill Sonic Toothbrush T9 anywhere; it can protect your sonic toothbrush in all directions on the go. The handle/cover is fully hygienic and will keep the brush germ and dust-free from external pollution. No soak-y germs. This is a travel toothbrush that will make you reconsider every hygiene product you’ve ever purchased.
  • COMPACT YET POWERFUL - Don't let the mini portable size fool you it delivers an ultra-powerful sonic cleaning. The Fairywill T9 is a fully ADA approved, Rechargeable travel Electric Toothbrush. The Fairywill T9 offers powerful sonic vibrations that whip up toothpaste into micro bubbles, and drives them deep between teeth and along the gum line for a gentle, effective cleaning. The whole thing collapses on itself into a perfectly packaged and manageable little device.
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL SITUATIONS INCLUDING OFFICE/TRAVEL/HOME/ - The Fairywill electric toothbrush T9 Features 3 high-performance brushing modes: Clean/Soft/Massage with a mode memory function; a 2 minute smart timer with interval pausing, that gives a reminder to change brushing location every 30 seconds; 4*replaceable brush heads with a unique 3D shape bristle design along with a bristle replacement reminder through blue indicator bristles that fate to white letting you know it's time to change you
  • AMAZINGLY FAST CHARGING - The Fairywill T9 only takes 2 hours to get fully charged with the included fast charge USB cable, with a full charge lasting for 20 days or more. It comes with a low-power reminder and an auto shut off after a fully charging for safety and ease of use. The included fast charge USB cable is compatible with worldwide voltage: 110V-240V. All of its features and its design make the Fairywill T9 the perfect traveling companion.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX – A waterproof electric toothbrush handle with a no-slip grip design, that has a stylish and elegant appearance, 4 toothbrush heads, 1*USB charging cable, 1 handle cover and Instruction manual, Warranty, and support contact manuals. It’s exactly how a travel toothbrush should be packaged. How no one came up with the idea earlier will remain a wonder of modern science.


A Waterproof and non-slip design.

Replaceable brush heads with unique 3D shape bristle design and a bristle replacement reminder, to help keep your teeth whiter and healthier.

The high-frequency vibration effectively removes plaque, giving your teeth and gums a deep cleaning, and preventing gingivitis.

USB charging, travel friendly and compatible with global voltage.

A low-power reminding function, when the voltage of the battery is low on power, the indicator light will keep flashing quickly or the toothbrush is unable to turn on during the operating process, as a reminder to charge the toothbrush.

A 2 minute smart timer with interval pausing, that gives a reminder to change the brushing location every 30 seconds.

There are 3 modes: Clean, Soft and Massage settings built into the toothbrush. There is also a mode memory function built into the brush, that means when you turn on the toothbrush, the default starting mode stays the same as the mode that was set at the time the toothbrush was last shutoff.


Working temperature: 0-50℃

Working voltage: DC3.7V

Bristles material: Nylon

Input voltage: DC5.0V

Rated power: 2W

Charging time: around 2 hours

Waterproof rating: IPX7