Teeth Whitening Strips,Fairywill Professional Whitening Strips,Fast Re

Teeth Whitening Strips,Fairywill Professional Whitening Strips,Fast Results & Non Peroxide, Removes Stains & Freshens Breath,Dental Whitener Kit for Removing Teeth Stains

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Product description



Key Benefits:

1.Effectively Remove Stains(Such as: tea,coffee, wine,and smoking) from Teeth

2.No mess or stickiness.

3.Strong sticky gel, no worry of falling off

--Fit the shape of teeth, more comfortable

4.Easy and handy to use anytime, anywhere

Three steps to a charming, whiter smile:

Step 1: Peel off the protective strip.

Step 2: Apply the long strip to the upper teeth and the smaller strip to the lower teeth. Ensure that the strips are covering all teeth and not touching the gum area.

Step 3:For best results. Leave the strips in place for a minimum of 30 minutes. Remove the strips carefully ensuring that nothing is left on your teeth.


1.Keep out of the reach of children.

2.Do not swallow the whitening strip.

3.Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding.

4.Not recommended for use by anyone under the age of 18 years old.

5.Avoid contact with with your eyes. If this occurs flush thoroughly with clear cold water. If the gel comes into contact with the skin it may cause a temporary whitening to the area and minor irritation.

6.Do not smoke, vape, drink or sleep whilst using the strips. If thirsty whilst the strips are being used a small amount of water is fine.

7.Although the formula is very mild some may experience some teeth or gum discomfort. The effect ifs normally only temporary. However if the irritation persists remove the strips and discontinue use.

8.Do not use while wearing a teeth brace, if you are having any restoration work, or any loose teeth.

9.Teeth whitening strips will only work on natural teeth. They do not work on on Caps, Crowns or False teeth.

Package Contents:

28 * Teeth Whitening Strips

1 * Color Chip

1 * User Manual