Fairywill's New Logo: A new look same cool clean caring ways

We know that a logo is not just some combination of fonts, graphics, and colors. It is what symbolizes and represents our brand to the point that it becomes even more recognizable than the spoken name of the business itself. This is precisely why ample time and extensive efforts have been taken in designing the perfect logo that would reflect our brand’s identity and values. For us here at Fairywill taking things step by step guarantees that all criteria in proper logo presentation are being followed to make sure that the final result includes nothing but the very best elements representing our brand, this is the same process that is undertaken with regards to all of our goods.

With that in mind we at Fairywill would like to announce our new logo. We hope you will continue to associate it with the cool clean care you deserve. The Fairywill brand's new logo will visually represent the brand's official step into a new phase of high quality and inclusive goods to help people around the world.

Fairywill logo

A Simple and modern font indicates the future of the Fairywill brand continued and expansive development in the field of home oral care and its ancillary services, the simple logo visual language expresses that we are simply about giving you the best home oral care products. Keeping it simple allows the focus to be solely on the essential elements representing the Fairywill brand, making it even more memorable. The golden dot above the letter "i" represents everyone at Fairywill coming to offer you the gold standard in care. As well as representing our aim to give everyone in the world the golden glow that a beautiful smile brings. The all black letters show our unity as one team with an international vision and affinity, and hear at Fairywill you our customers are the light that inspires us to innovate. In addition black is a color that represents power, and credibility. The new typeface logo symbolizes the brand's integration into an open and inclusive social economy with a modern elegant soothing appearance attitude and image with exquisite and friendly charm.

Our Logo, as with photos and images, tells a story that is compelling, the logo is chocked full of meanings, both overtly and hidden. Each element of the design includes stands for a particular company value and is part of the brand identity. All in the aim of effortlessly and immediately connecting with our customers at first glance. We think of it as an integral part of our business’ foundation from which we will build our brand’s identity on.

We understand that owning a toothbrush is a very intimate thing one toothbrush for one person that is why At Fairywill today’s dreams are worked into tomorrow’s reality.

We hope that when you look at our logo you will think of the meaning of smile and laughter.

We see into the days ahead,

And what we want for you and your family.

We see smiles and happiness.

All the love we want there to be.

So come with us to a world.

It's a world of goodness and care.

Come with us, will take you there.

The Fairywill brand strives to be inclusive for all people around the world that is why, Fairywill is a brand all about family, friends and care. We embody this aim by striving to bring "Cool Clean Care" to the world. Here at Fairywill we feel most proud and encouraged as customers constantly purchase more of our products for their friends and families after they have used them.

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