About Fairywill


Fairywill is a brand all about family, friends and care. We embody this aim by striving to bring "Cool Clean Care" to the world. The company envisions a world where the highest in stylish designs (Cool) meets the most affective cleaning (Clean) to bring the best health maintaining home oral care tools (Care) that complements consumers’ daily oral health routine and allows them to take care of health comprehensively. Fairywill started and we made our products available in 2016, and thanks to many of you our products did and continue to do very well on Amazon. Fairywill provides electric toothbrushes and is a consumer product company that cares. We produce and market personal care products involving oral hygiene. We offer power toothbrushes for children and adults; oral irrigators; teeth whitening products and replacement brush heads. Many of our new tooth-brushes remove up to 10x more plaque than that of a manual toothbrush* and removes up to 3 times more plaque than an electric toothbrush**

We aim to be your oral care companion that will accompany you to better oral health. We focus on a personalized approach to oral treatment and prevention. When you have a clear sense that you have a friend to help manage your oral health over time, you have the best chance of enjoying a lifetime with minimal tooth or periodontal issues.

Are you still using a manual toothbrush, or some other brands electric toothbrush? You really should reconsider. Our goods have been proven to be much more effective when it comes to reducing plaque, freshening breath and better for whitening by a considerable margin. Many of our goods are quieter, smoother operating than many of our competitors, and our devices are helpful if you have arthritis or other problems that make it difficult to brush effectively. Our products are a fine choice for people with varied oral health needs, as many of our goods can operate in three to five modes depending on the model of toothbrush selected from our product line. Our electric toothbrushes will help you brush better and more consistently than using a manual toothbrush.

You will get your teeth fresh-from-the-dentist clean with every brushing because, our circular brush heads oscillates, rotates, and pulsates, and the electric sonic ones vibrate at different frequencies. Our brushes vibrate, oscillates, or strokes thousands even will over tens of thousands of times per minute, as compared to the typical 300 strokes per minute when brushing manually. Fairywill's Sonic Electric Toothbrushes cleaning action drives fluid between the teeth and under the gum line to break up and remove more plaque than regular toothbrushes, yet our brushes are gentle enough to use on orthodontics, implants, veneers, and sensitive teeth. The slim, angled necks of our brushes makes it easy to reach back in the mouth and the timer indicates when two minutes are up. In fact, the brush automatically turns itself off. The vibration allows for more micro-movements every time you move your toothbrush across your teeth. The timers that are built into the electric toothbrushes can help you brush your teeth long enough to sufficiently remove plaque from your teeth and gums. Many of our toothbrushes also use a 30-second vibrating timer that helps you brush each area of your mouth for the proper dentist-recommended amount of time. When it is time for a new toothbrush, you only have to replace an electric toothbrush head, so it is less wasteful than throwing away a full manual toothbrush.

Home oral care is an important contributor to oral health, and can help lessen the need for extensive dental intervention in the future. A healthy smile depends on simple dental care habits. Oral health begins with clean teeth. Keeping the area where your teeth meet your gums clean can prevent gum disease, while keeping your tooth surfaces clean can help you stave off cavities. We understand that most people for whatever reason do not brush for the full dentist recommended two minutes. Moreover, do not carefully work the brush around the entire set of teeth and the gum line, and do not brush gently and yet with speed that is why our brushes take care of these issues our brushes action also helps promote ideal gum health. We want to help because many people live at high risk of developing cavities (tooth decay) and/or periodontal disease (gum disease) both can be painful and both can cause teeth to fall out. Failing to brush your teeth properly can make your breath smell because plaque and bacteria accumulate on and between your teeth. The Fairywill products will help protect against all of this and more and help you clean your mouth like never before.

If your gums are not what they used to be, many of the Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrushes can help bring them back to good health. According to dental health website AsktheDentist, sonic toothbrushes, which oscillate at astonishing rates are more effective at reaching and removing plaque between the teeth and beneath the gum line than rotating electric toothbrushes, making a sonic toothbrush the best bet for anyone with gum issues, those who are lackadaisical about flossing, and the majority of people over age 40. Many of our users generally like our goods simplicity, effectiveness, power, and there reasonable price. Many testers of our products, say they "work just as well as the professional toothbrush the dentist uses." With our products, you will reduce plaque and a mild form of gum disease (gingivitis) more than does manual brushing.

Not all kids are interested in brushing their teeth. An electric toothbrush is more engaging to children, it can help accomplish good oral cleaning and set healthy habits. We know that children are often reluctant to brush or have a hard time cleaning their teeth. Our Fun Fairywill Electric Toothbrush for Kids makes brushing fun, turning a routine task almost into a game, thanks to the songs and colorful lights that accompany brushing. The brush head is sized for children's mouths, very effective at removing plaque and debris from the teeth and the gum line. The Fun Fairywill Electric Toothbrush for Kids is recommended for ages three and up if the child is using the brush on their own. Younger children should have assistance from an adult.

Fairywill’s vision for the future is where intelligent dental & health management tools will lead to a longer, healthier life by way of invention and innovation. The company continuously innovates to achieve its vision. This is why health conscious individuals worldwide use the company’s toothbrushes. Having the best home oral care is an essential not a luxury. Like moving from doing the washing by hand up to owning a washing machine, once you switch, you never want to go back. Even people who are not amazingly judicious about cleaning their teeth, hardly ever go to the dentist, nor have exemplary diets have had outstanding results with the Fairywill products. We have the best products on a scientific scale of cost-to-effectiveness, thanks to the quality of their cleaning and the elegance of their design. We hope to help keep your teeth healthy and strong for a lifetime. That is why we have done the research to make electric toothbrushes that we feel are the best choices for the most people. That is why we visited the top consumer websites, listened to actual product owners, and considered advice from dentists and dental hygienists when making our products. At Fairywill we create our products based on data from clinical studies and systematic reviews with an aim of prevention of Caries and Gingivitis. We are always looking to make better use of technology that is why we have a dedicated R&D team to help us help you better. The company has taken a step further with more devices with greater intelligence and powerful dental designs and features.

Surprise your mouth!  Wow your senses! Reinvigorate your teeth and gums with a cosmetic and therapeutic whole mouth oral health clean. At Fairywill we care about delivering great oral care experiences to our customers, and understanding those experiences is at the top of our mind. If you have any questions let us know at support@fairywill.com. So choose a product type now and start exploring a new world of clean!

* Up to 10 times more plaque removal than that of a manual toothbrush used casually.

** Up to 3 times more plaque removal than that of a legacy electric toothbrush.