Fairywill Facebook page encourages customers to interact with the Fairywill brand, to share your shopping experiences, with your feedback, and questions about the product, or even an interesting thing. We try to create more interesting and useful content to make you smile brighter. We provide top-fan perks so that followers can receive gifts from Fairywill.

 About gifts:

We have been active about giving out a lot of products to our Top Fans. Please note you need to invite your friends to like our page and share some posts, we will send you a gift or a free trial on amazon if anything you are interested in.

When you reached at:

1-Month:  A set of whitening strips / a free trial product available in your country. 

3-Month: A set of an electric toothbrush or water flosser(or a free trial)available in your country

6-Month: A product on your wishlist(or a free trial), you can choose from our brands: Fairywill, Kipozi beauty products, Sboly Coffee machine. 

Over 6 months: Super VIP, should help Fairywill repost and share some posts. Fairywill will send you a Fairywill new product at any time and enjoy the available free trials with your friends.

Available gifts: for example, Fairywill Pro electric toothbrush set on amazon US, other available products on each amazon site.

VIP Group Admins/Moderators: enjoy all available free trials and gifts in advance. Please keep in touch with @Jade Kris in the group. 

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Top Fans:

How to become a Top Fan of Fairywill?

Long story short: The only way to get the Top Fan badge on Facebook is to interact as much as you can with Posts, Comments, Likes and Shares.

Facebook gives badges and updates that list weekly. However,  it will keep your history top fan records even if you are not a top fan of the week. Don't worry if you are not a top fan of the week.

So, if you want to get a Top Fan badge from our Facebook page, just be active there, choose “See First” so you won’t miss any posts from Fairywill, interact with our posts, throw more likes and reactions on our posts, comment and give out your opinion on our content and share our content if you like that.

That’s all, then just wait until the next Wednesday for the weekly activity update and you’ll probably get it. Please note that badges are not permanent. If you don’t keep being active, you may lose your badge on the next week’s calculation.

We hope this helps and gets you more badges. Check it out now,  have fun and be social!  

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