If you are like most people, your teeth get a tired grity feel, they look dull and off colored, they feel dry without that fresh mouth feeling, you may have irritated teeth and gums, and you may even get headaches when it comes to thinking of the dentist. One cause may be your old toothbrush. A high-quality P11 sonic electric brush can actually relieve some mouth strain. Good oral health is truly a luxury. It should not be, but it is. Even those who are blessed with sound oral health struggle to keep it. In fact, over 19 million U.S. households struggle with some form of oral health issue, and with the cost of dental care on the rise having the best home oral care tool is a wise investment. In addition, this comes at a price and with tough decisions as well. Do you pay for healthcare? Is your child’s oral health being covered to ensure opportunities in the future?

If you have a great electric toothbrush but your brush head and motor are sub-par, you are not getting the best multifaceted cleaning experience possible. Moreover, you could possibly be causing gum and enamel strain, fatigue, and damage. Our advice here at Fairywill get a great electric toothbrush like the Fairywill P11. Featuring semi soft bristles, good power, and all at a very reasonable price. Thanks to a particularly sensitive brush head, this brush is great for all types of teeth. It has very soft bristles, thus minimizing damage to the gums. You will have never experienced this in a toothbrush. The bristles are soft to the touch, but firm enough to clean very well, it cleans between the teeth while cleaning the surfaces and the gum area as well it is, quite efficient.

Fairywill P11 Electric Toothbrush

The two-minute time is another much-lauded feature. The brush automatically shuts off after 2 minutes of use and an in-handle timer pulses every 30 seconds to signal that it is time to move to a different part of your mouth. It has a built-in quadrant timer so that people use the device for the recommended brushing time. By consistently brushing your teeth for two minutes, it will help the teeth stay cleaner. The built-in timer and vibration features are good for people that have issues brushing well. It does the work for you.

Fairywill P11 Electric Toothbrush

If you are anything like most modern families, you have a bunch of smartphones or tablets that are charged each and every day and night. However, with the Fairywill P11's inventive charging hub, you will not only get to eliminate some of the plug requirements but also, have all of your devices charging along with their smart brush in an organized manner. Some of the appeal of this device is the ability to charge the device, using an upgraded regular micro-USB connector. While the more expensive brushes have a recharging base and what not, that needs to be plugged in, rendering them not practical for travel, particularly outside of North America, where the voltage is likely to be 220V, and the plug is different. No such problem with the P11 toothbrush.

For many people a normal toothbrush is no longer making their teeth white. If you struggle with cavities even though you are doing everything right (or maybe especially if you are not), The Fairywill P11 toothbrush is so worth it. The Fairywill P11 toothbrush will leave your teeth feeling like they have been power-washed, with no unnecessary gimmicky features. Moreover, thanks to the deep clean you will get from this brush, you will find that dentist visits are far easier. Its super-effective, WOW Your teeth will literally be VISIBLY whiter…and feel super smooth. It will make your teeth more vibrant. You will not be able to believe the difference after just one use! This brush is also good for those looking to help with gum health. Your gums and teeth will be rejuvenated after prolonged use of this product. Your teeth will not have any plaque buildup at all. Your teeth will be noticeably white which is great! This toothbrush will make you feel like you just got back from the dentist, and you can buy cheap heads for your whole family to use. Make the investment and purchase this chargeable, reusable, powerful toothbrush that will save you money over the long run! You will just absolutely loved the feeling of having a clean mouth.

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