Sometimes a ring can have a lot more significance than you see on the surface! A symbol of eternal devotion, and adoration, the humble ring has been about this for years, older than any of us and still as important as ever. The ring is an emblem of companionship through time, a symbol of devotion and an agreement between parties. The tradition and symbolism of the ring is as strong today as it has ever been. Rings are, of course, circular in shape and this in itself carries a symbolic meaning. A circle has no beginning or end and is therefore a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, just the way commitment should be. Rings also hold great sentimental and traditional value. This makes a ring a perfect connotation to symbolize the serenity and purity of a relationship. The significance of the ring is so indispensable in human life, that designers across the world have designed various types of rings that allow them to celebrate their different major events like Engagements, Weddings, Baby Showers, Birth of babies, Anniversaries, and much more. Now we use it to celebrate the birth of the P11, its commitment to your oral health, and much more.

In our modern age, you deserve something unique and personal to sweep away plaque and bacteria on the teeth. In modern terms, you can think of a ring as something as powerful as your Relationship Status on Facebook: once you have the P11 in your hand, the whole world – ok, at the very least your family and immediate circle of friends – will know you are headed toward the best oral health. No one will be able to make assumptions about your P11's availability and its commitment to your oral health. It’s incredible how one, tiny, circular object can speak a thousand words but that is exactly what the P11's ring does. The P11's ring symbolizes our timeless, unceasing commitment we make to you our customers as a token of unending friendship. This symbol exudes care for you efficiently. Every time you look down on it, you will be reminded of all the reasons you chose Fairywill and the best brush made with you in mind, and all the things you have to look forward to in the future.

Rings can also be worn as a declaration of independence or to mark a milestone. In this case, with the P11 the ring is a declaration that you will have the best Clean, your independence from sub-par brushing and milestone in strengthening your overall oral health. This traditional “Circle of Trust” symbolizes our promise that we will ways strive to give the best in the way of cool, clean, care. Rings can make flamboyant statement such as a delicious little “I’m not playing by the old rules when it comes to brushing!” A ring can also indicate professional status, style, and a cool look. The P11's ring says that you have style and taste and “that you have made it”. The P11's gold colors are a blend of white gold (representing friendship) and yellow gold (representing fidelity) and the power of auspicious colors can keep away negative vibes.

The P11's ring is a symbol of the respect we have for you. Our respect for our users is not measured only by what we say. Often the silent acts and actions speak the loudest. Respect in oral care is communicated constantly (since daily oral care is a constant relationship). The ring is one simple way to communicate that respect.

The P11's ring is a daily reminder to us at Fairywill that every decision we make will affect your oral health and we do not take that lightly. Here at Fairywill everything we do with our time, our words, etc. will affect many people so the ring is a simple reminder that everything the P11 touches will be the best for you and your family. The P11's ring is a tangible symbol of the permanent place your oral health holds in our hearts, our schedules and every part of our lives.

With the P11 we want to always do everything in our power to respect our friends (the customers) and protect their oral health. The P11's ring is a vow solidified and always presented as a reminder, a source of pride and a loud and clear message to the world. As advocates for stronger oral care, we at Fairywill are always encouraging you to do everything in your power to protect and strengthen your oral health. Your ultimate goal is to find a brush that you know is as beautiful as the person who will be treasuring it. We can conclude that every ring, be it Promise or Wedding or Birthstone Rings plays the crucial role in human life. Thus, shop for the timeless P11 with the ring that adds a fine line of elegance to your beauty and makes your brushing more special. The P11 is the perfect excuse to indulge in a spectacular ring just for you. This ring will not even amount to 10% of your salary.If you are in need of inspiration, go to our Shop section for more great oral care tools.

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