Rockets are among the most complex machines humanity has ever built, requiring strenuously tested parts with the highest tolerances. After all, you cannot cut corners with a machine that explodes from one end to propel itself into space. Like a rocket, the Fairywill P11 will blast off when it is launched into the market soon, and it seems poised to take you to a new stratosphere of oral clean. Space age brushing is now made real with the P11. This easy-to-charge, compact electric toothbrush packs a cleaning punch. Just using this toothbrush in general will be rewarding since your mouth will feel so clean.

Here at Fairywill we have been huge fans of bringing you the best high-tech home oral care products for years now. So the team at Fairywill was thinking, how could they make their products that were already great even better? That was the day the Fairywill P11 was conceived. At Fairywill we know you probably spend more than eight hours a day focusing on your work, then you focus on your family. That is why Fairywill made the P11 sonic electric brush that focuses on you. Here at Fairywill, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we make and the cool clean care we offer. The Fairywill P11 brush will quickly become a favorite among users making the switch to an electric model for the first time as well as electric toothbrush veterans.

If you have never been excited about brushing teeth that is about to change with a revolution in brushing technology. While most toothbrushes require a high level of mechanical contact with the tooth surface to remove plaque, the P11 operates at such a high frequency that it creates a cavitational force that blasts plaque off the teeth while barely touching the tooth. This works by vibrating so fast that it basically buffs your teeth while blasting water and toothpaste in places it normally wouldn’t go without a water pick. This toothbrush nearly flosses your teeth. This brush does a great job of reaching hard places where plaque loves to build up, and it takes all the guesswork out of brushing and keeps your teeth healthy.

 This toothbrush is as individual as an automobile. With its versatile controllers and unique position as both a home and mobile brushing system, it will quickly find a popular following in today’s world. If you have been on the fence about buying one of these devices, then perhaps this will push you over the edge its newly upgraded features for a smarter more self-tailored brushing experience are top of the line. You will get heavy-hitting technology married with a premium design that combines the best of both worlds. Its sleek aerodynamic design will earn it some fans as well. This will be the only toothbrush you will ever have that people will comment on because it just looks so awesome, and it really is! Its rugged water-resistant exterior also helps to extend the brushes overall life and avoid external force related damage and increases the versatility of the device. You will also appreciate its sturdy base, non-slip grip, the handle fits very nicely in the hand, and the brush part is just the right size. This seemingly diminutive brush has a new more powerful motor to increase its overall system power and the charge lasts for an extended period. It will be one of the fastest and most powerful sonic brushes available on the market, and it has pre-programmed brushing settings that are controlled by a microprocessor.

This is just Fairywill's first step into the era of the next generation in oral care, and the deep spaces of your mouth will be on a voyage to space age clean. Not many brands have the guts to revolutionize the way we brush — but then, not many brands are like Fairywill, and not many brushes are like the P11. It will have a huge impact on the market by offering excellent performance at prices lower than other brands. This product is a bargain, a great price and an amazing clean. This is, not incidentally, perhaps the best chance to demonstrate to the public that a brand understands how to create good next level brushing tools. Fairywill would like to note: we thank you our customers and supporters for your feedback, we do this for you and we could not do this without you.


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