Have you ever had a toothache and rushed to the dentist? If yes, you must know how toothache feels like, it is pain in or around your tooth. It is often a sign that the gum or tooth is going through some problems but sometimes, toothache pain can be caused by a problem elsewhere in your body.

Toothache is not life-threatening, but in some cases, it can be due to serious conditions that require immediate medical treatment.

The toothache can range from mild to severe and can be constant or recurrent.

You May Feel the Toothache Through Following Ways:

  • Throbbing pain or inflammation in or around your tooth.
  • When you touch the tooth or bite down you will feel a sharp pain.
  • Soreness in or around your tooth.
  • Painful sensitivity in your teeth due to hot and cold.
  • Burning in teeth which is uncommon.

What Are the Causes of Toothache?

There are multiple causes of toothache and a cavity in a tooth is the most common reason for toothaches. If the decay goes untreated, it can lead to the formation of an abscess. An abscess is an infection around the gums or inside the pulp of your tooth. Visiting the dental office right away can help you to prevent many other problems related to dental abscesses.

An impacted tooth can also cause a toothache, this tooth is usually a wisdom tooth that is stuck in your gum tissue or bone at the back of your mouth. In some cases, it can’t erupt, or grow in a straight direction which results in a severe toothache.

Some other causes of toothache are as follow:

  • A fracture in the tooth.
  • A damaged filling.
  • Teeth clenching or chewing gum.
  • Gum infections.

Home Remedy

There are several remedies you can use when the dental office is closed or to get short-term relief.

- Saltwater rinses

One of the best things you can do is swish salty water around in your mouth until you see a dentist. You can add a teaspoon of table salt to 8 ounces of water, swish it, spit it out and avoid swallowing it. Gently flossing around the sore tooth can help you to remove any bits of food that may be impacted between the teeth.

- Cold compress

In case of a swollen face, you can put an ice pack on your cheek. It will ease the pain, especially if you’ve broken your tooth or knocked it loose. Inflammation in your face could also mean you have an abscess, deep in the roots of your tooth or gums.

Clove oil

- Clove oil

Clove oil is one of the famous home remedies to numb pain. You can rub it directly on the sore area or soak the cotton and dab it against the tooth or gums. It may be as effective as topical anesthesia that is a numbing gel.

What Is the Treatment for A Toothache?

When you visit a dentist with a toothache, the dentist will take an x-ray of your teeth and complete a physical exam to detect tooth decay or other dental problems. After the dental examination, the dentist may give you pain medication and antibiotics to treat the infection before any other procedure.

If the reason for toothache is tooth decay, your dentist will drill the tooth to remove decay and fill the space with a dental filling.

In the case of toothache due to an impacted tooth, your dentist will plan a surgical removal of the tooth.

If the dentist is unable to find the cause of your toothache, they may refer you to visit a medical doctor for further examination and treatment. If you feel pain in your teeth, don’t delay visiting a dentist and get your teeth checked before they progressed to other dental problems.


--- By Ruby Baig I A Dental Literature Writer at the Aga Khan University

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