Kids 2001 Electric Toothbrush

Kids 2001 Electric Toothbrush
Kids 2001 Electric Toothbrush
Kids 2001 Electric Toothbrush

Kids 2001 Electric Toothbrush


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kids toothbrush

While your little one's smiles continue to grow and develop, there's no better time to start healthy oral care habits. Fairywill sonic electric toothbrush combines powerful 38,000VPM and extra soft bristles, ensuring complete dental cleaning yet protecting their tender gums. Featuring a built-in smart timer, Fairywill helps your kids brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes. The cute appearance design greatly drives children into a new interesting brushing payground. 


Unlike the rotary mechanism that is harsh on teeth and gums, Fairywill kids electric toothbrush is engineered with sonic tech, working in a more dynamic, cleaner and quiter way. 633 brush strokes per second power away cavity-causing bacteria on all tooth surfaces.



Featuring 3 different modes and is designed for children aged 3+.

Soft for 3 - 6 ages, Clean for 7 - 12 ages and Massage for kids over 12 ages. BPA-free and food-grade material puts your children's safety first.

kids toothbrush

kids toothbrush

kids toothbrush


Comes with a built-in timer, Fairywill kids electric toothbrush gives a vibration pause every 30 seconds and automatically stop when the 2-minute circle is finished. No more guessing how much time your child is brushing. And Help coach your kids get a healthy brushing habbit. 



Rubberized brush head reduces the uncomfortable touch and possible hurt by hard plastic. Ultra-soft and slim bristle clean more gently on kids' teeth and gum. A unique cleaning pad on the back helps your little one develop the habit of cleaning tongue from early age.

kids toothbrush

38000 Powerful Sonic Vibration

USB Rechargeable


Make brushing fun with kid-friendly colors, and lovely rabbit ears. Ergonomic slim handle fits better with children's small hands. Cute designed travel cover with rabbit ear protect the bristles from getting bending on trips, while keeping things simpler and easier to transport without the bulky separate travel case.

1 x Electric Toothbrush
2 x Extra Toothbrush Heads
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

30-Day Refund & Exchange Policy

For any reason, undamaged products can be fully refunded/exchanged within 30 days after the delivery date to the shipping address. Once the item is returned to Fairywill's warehouse for inspection, the refund/exchange process will begin.


Refund & Exchange Process:


  1. Visit our retunrs center, provide your order # and email.
  2. Follow the steps and choose how you would like to proceed.
  3. We will follow up on your request within 3 business days.



- Returns must include all accessories;

- Items must include original packaging;

- For warranty claims not related to product quality, the customer will not be compensated for the shipping costs and will have to pay $8 for restocking & shipping fee;

- For warranty claims related to product quality, Fairywill will refund the full cost of the product within 7 business days;

- If the product does not meet the requirements above, the return request may be rejected.

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