Professional Teeth Whitening Strips (25 treatments)

Professional Teeth Whitening Strips (25 treatments)
Professional Teeth Whitening Strips (25 treatments)

Professional Teeth Whitening Strips (25 treatments)


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Using the same effective teeth whitening ingredient as dentists use to whiten teeth, This combo kit is strong enough to remove years of surface and set-in stains. This is a safe and effective addition to your beauty routine. While being gentle enough even for sensitive teeth. Now you can deliver the whitening you need where you need it for a brighter, whiter smile.


50 pcs whitening strips 25 treatments for teeth whitening. Whitening kits comes with express whitening strips and professional teeth whitening strips. 1 hour flash that intense white smile faster with the help of Fairywill teeth whitening strips that fit easily and comfortably on your teeth.


Fairywill whitening strips with reduced-sensitivity ingredient for sensitive teeth and no irritate your mouth! Strong enough to remove years of tough set in stains while being gentle enough even for the sensitive teeth.


Fairywill whitening strips is non-irritating to teeth. Fairywill Enamel-Safe teeth strips effectively removes intrinsic and extrinsic teeth stains. Putting a new smile on your face!


Adopts a new V-shaped design, which not only cover all teeth, but also can be easily attached and torn off. Advanced seal technology's no slip grip stays put so you can talk while teeth whitening. Have whiter brighter teeth without expensive dental whitening treatment.

42 x Sensitive Whitening Strips (21 treatments)
8 x 1-Hour Express White Strips (4 treatments)
1 x Shade's Guide
1 x User Manual

30-Day Refund & Exchange Policy

For any reason, undamaged products can be fully refunded/exchanged within 30 days after the delivery date to the shipping address. Once the item is returned to Fairywill's warehouse for inspection, the refund/exchange process will begin.


Refund & Exchange Process:


  1. Visit our retunrs center, provide your order # and email.
  2. Follow the steps and choose how you would like to proceed.
  3. We will follow up on your request within 3 business days.



- Returns must include all accessories;

- Items must include original packaging;

- For warranty claims not related to product quality, the customer will not be compensated for the shipping costs and will have to pay $8 for restocking & shipping fee;

- For warranty claims related to product quality, Fairywill will refund the full cost of the product within 7 business days;

- If the product does not meet the requirements above, the return request may be rejected.

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