People look for gratitude and giving in Dec so we at Fairywill want to get back to you the audience this holiday season. Fairywill humbly thanks all of our supporters for another wonderful year. Fairywill is encouraging fans to share pics of their holiday in Dec by asking fans to upload their pics and leave a comment.




Choose your Prize

  • Win any Fairywill gift on your wishlist, or get a free amazon gift card from Fairywill
  • Who doesn’t want a chance to win something they picked out from the for a chance to win in a random draw.
  • With your pics leave a caption in the comments and like your favorite captions.
  • Winners may be able to select any gift from Fairywill.
  • A $100 amazon gift card or select any Fairywill products.


Steps to finding one of these great prizes in your holiday stocking

  • Step 1: Follow the Fairywillpage,and like the post related to this contest.

  • Step 2: (Option1) Tag some friends with a holiday greeting followed by the special hashtag #FairywillHolidaySmiles (tag entries with #FairywillHolidaySmiles. (option2)Take a Xmas photo post it, and comment on the Fairywill Facebook page.

How will Winners be selected

  • Winners will be selected both by Fairywill staff and RANDOMLY.
  • There will be multiple winners. Winners will be selected from the Photos with comments, the comments, and tagged friends may also win a Xmas gift from Fairywill.
  • So leave many comments such as Comment with their most sought after gift, and Fairywill Encourages followers to leave their tips and tricks in the comments for a happy holiday!


This contest runs from Dec 15th-26th, winners has been announced on the Fairywill home page on the 28th of Dec



Look for more MERRY AND BRIGHT DECEMBER HOLIDAY PROMOTIONS from Fairywill. Fairywill is always launching riveting contests centered around the upcoming holidays and organizing exciting and interactive online contests and campaigns. Turn to Fairywill for comfort, entertainment, and interactive experiences. Keep updated as Fairywill has a calendar packed full of seasonal promotions.

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  • Kate Linhardt

    Merry Christmas :)

  • Uki

    Love Fairywill products!

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